History of Printer from Quill to Cartridge

evolution of printers

Printer has always “Moved ON”

They have always moved on!
If there is going to be an odd comparison between the Printer’s romantic miss lists- Boy it sure has had survived! Just like Rocky Balboa spells out “Keep moving forward”- Do not assume the printer which ejects incredible prints every time you push the print button for granted!
Just like rest of us. Printers have the past

Before the luxurious copying facilities were favored to us like a godsend- thanks to Mr. Guntenberg’s very vivid imagination which led to the birth of Printing. There comes one in few millions of men alive in the world and then a new invention gets born.
But Gutenberg was not alone. Daniel Treadwell invented the first mechanize printer- bed and platen process. The mechanized printing was quite a remarkable process at that time.

Does this ring a bell?

When the boss yells for a print and the handy compact machines just save lives by prompt prints for review meetings?
But that’s not how Richard Hoe did it then.

Apparently, Richard hoe’s had to sweat it a little. His magnificent invention was the rotary press. With the complex process of cylinders and a complex framework- His method was hands down the best in 1844.

The Bullock’s Way

Paper and tissue rolls probably should have been originated from the ingenious William Bullock.
Just his simple trick of feeding continuous roll paper for printing process made this one invention a standout. And to surprise, many, roll paper is still in existence today.

When machine composition made the headlines

The Linotype and Monotype days surely would have had perfectionists while working on typing aspects. Imagine the Printer getting down to printing business as the message gets typed when a spelling error surfaces!
It’s a REDO eventually!

Big time Innovation Save

The countless edits and document edit before the information is out for print would only remind many to thank the brains behind such innovations. And while this is done- None would ever happen to forget Chester Carlson- the Man behind the Xerography.

How many would actually recognize the many phase-outs a “Printer” would have to make.
Talk about Hits and Miss!
All throughout History- Printers have always moved on from Iclay, Diamond Sutra, Cast Metal, Bed and Platen, Cylinder Press, Rotary Press, Linotype/ Monotype and Xerox and ultimately ending up with the Present day Printers.
How the Printers evolved over time?
Being the first desktop printer, it used a metal or plastic disk containing each of the letters, numbers, and other characters it supports. Every character is rotated when something is printed and then using a hammer each character is striked into an ink ribbon to create the character on paper. Immense popularity began with the Daisy wheel printers in the 1970s and 1980s, but the quality of prints had to gradually slow them down.

A Dot Matrix Impact Matrix Printer ran back and forth on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper, much like a typewriter. While the letters are drawn out of a dot matrix, varied fonts and arbitrary graphics could be produced.
Carbon copies and carbonless copies could be created because these printers could create mechanical pressure. Most dot matrix printers possess a single vertical line of dotmaking equipment on their print heads; with high durability, these were found to be extremely durable.

Printers took a dive emerging again as “Ears- First laser printer” which later became the Xerox 9700 Laser Printer.

Now with so many versions of the Printer and Camera dock, Epson wireless printers, Color cube technology The future of Printers is always an exciting opportunity for market players to innovate. With advanced technologies spinning out every minute- There are extravagant opportunities in the print industry.


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