10 Social Media Apps Lurking Dangers for Post Millennials

social networking apps

social networking apps

Generation Z is more dedicated towards social media than the millennials and this is distressing. While social media provides a fast and free way to communicate with people across the world, it also facilitates cyberbullies, online child predators, and scoundrels to find and victimize adolescents.

Several suicide cases have been linked with popular social media platforms. Millions have experienced cyberbullying and numerous have been suffering from psychological, physical and mental health issues, thanks to social media. This article discusses the social media apps that lurk dangers for millennials and post-millennials.


Facebook is a tremendously popular social networking app amongst Millennials and post-millennials. The platform is widely being used by online child predators and pedophiles to devise ways to find and victimize adolescents. The app has been linked with sexual harassments, catfishing, narcissism, virtual peer pressure, cyberbullying, and numerous psychological and mental health issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, and suicidal behavior.


Instagram is the largest photo-sharing platform having 95 million photos and videos shared on a daily basis. The app is intended for those equal or above 13 years of age but the majority of content shared on Instagram is adult oriented. The platform is being used for sexting, explicit content and cyberbullying.


Since its release in 2011, the photos and video sharing app is growing and getting tremendous popularity. The self-destructive messaging feature makes the app a widespread platform for sexting and nudity. The messages consisting of text, photos, and videos get automatically deleted seconds after being viewed by the recipient. However, the messages can be saved with screenshots. There are certain websites that post inappropriate photos and screenshots stolen from Snapchat.


Tinder is a dating and one-night stand app that let you find and meet your romantic partner. There is no way to verify the information provided by the Tinder users making it an attractive platform for scoundrels. It has been associated with catfishing, bullying, and sexual harassment.

Kik Messenger

It is another unsafe social media app that let users hide their identities. Unlike many other instant messaging services, Kik does not require phone numbers to use the app. The IM app is rated 17+ but is being used by underage children. The platform is vastly being used by child molesters, cyber bullies, and pedophiles.


The teens using Line app are facing the online dangers that prevail on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Snapchat. They become victims of cyber bullies, child predators, and pedophiles; expose to sexting and explicit photos and videos. The hidden chat feature induces users to exchange personal information and inappropriate stuff.


Tumblr is more than just a micro-blogging site. The socializing platform is crammed with inappropriate and controversial content. Unlike many other social media apps, Tumblr does not provide any way to make your profile private. The scoundrels, bullies and annoying followers are there.


This social networking app is all about video chatting with strangers. You start talking with someone anonymously but it does not remain anonymous later on. Teens share their personal information on the app and there is not any way to stop them from doing so. The app is rated 17+ because of frequent sexual content, nudity, violence, randy language, and unsophisticated humor.


Whisper encourages users to give their secrets out to strangers. The app claims to keep you anonymous but compromises your anonymity letting you talk to people near to you. Sharing a secret on Whisper is like inviting a bully around you to know and manipulate your secret.

Numerous suicides have been associated with this app. A 14-year-old from Leicestershire killed herself after being bullied on She was bearing anonymous offensive messaging and comments provoking her to end her life. It has also been reported for sexual harassments and anonymous requests for sex. The website does not take responsibility for controlling cyberbullying on their site and it has also been criticized for not having practicable reporting and parental controls.

The Bottom Line

Do not allow your teens and tweens to use the social media apps you do not consider safe for them. If your kids are using any of the above mentioned socializing apps, you can take help from Android Spy App to track their activities performed on these apps including chatting, media files posting and sharing. Once you install the app on their mobile phones, you will be updated with almost every social media happening of your kids. It will help you protect your kids from the dangers prevailing on social media platforms. Also, educate your kids about social media menaces and prepare them to defend themselves. Tell them about the online child predators and the ways they lure their victim. Help them to use social media securely and responsibly.

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