4 Best Websites to Find Pre-Written Code Snippets

Pre-Written Code Snippets

Want to learn code? If you are new to the programming world, it may seem to be an intimidating task. Most people fail to make out where to actually start. Well, experts believe that coding doesn’t need to start from the ground up. The best part is that you can explore the whole world of amazing resources ready to provide you with detailed guidance, inspiration, and shortcuts. Listed below are the best sites for finding code snippets. You simply need to go through these snippets carefully and incorporate these into your own development projects. Thereafter, share these with other coders:

1. CodePen

This is a hot favorite resource for most professionals and their development team. It has helped freelance web developer portfolio building. The dynamic set of features combined with a community-based approach for presenting and sharing code, this website is dedicated to picking up coding tricks and tips from other users. The favor can be returned once you start creating your own programming breakthroughs.

The term “Pens” refer to sets of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code that users upload to their CodePen profile. This is precisely where they can get feedback on their code. Thereafter, they can continue with editing these once it gets posted. The site comes equipped with a free to use, built-in text editor.

This creates Pens including useful, code-centric features such as syntax highlighting to display text in varied fonts and colors based on coding categories, find and replace to facilitate zipping through lines of code sans struggling to reserve or locate your spot, and a coding efficiency tool to auto-complete code and expand shorthand into full code known as Emmet. The editor of this site has a live preview area on-screen which updates as well as displays code results once you edit it.

2. Stack Overflow

In case, you are looking for some code examples to help you get through a dev issue or handle a routine function successfully that doesn’t require rebuilding from the scratch, trust Stack Overflow. This website must be at the top of your resource list. The online forum for programmers is built precisely around a format of question and answer which makes it an ideal place for novices. It is also beneficial for professionals who have leveled up their skills.

The model of this forum is very simple. Here, users post their queries and other users answer these queries. All popular answers are up-voted by users. The most helpful answer can be checked off ‘accepted’ as by the original poster. Specific guidelines on Stack Overflow comprise of restricting queries to only the following:

  • Software developer tools
  • Specific programming problems
  • Software algorithms
  • Coding techniques

Prior to posting a query, the posters are asked to find a solution themselves. They may also include examples of those attempts within their post. Since many queries posted on Stack Overflow are specifically targeted to coding issues, the answers usually take shape of a sample code. Hence, it comes up as an amazing repository for all kinds of practical code snippets.

These are also publicly searchable. When reusing material from Stack Overflow, the website administrators will instruct developers to their power sources. It is easier to add all notes accrediting code snippets to the original posters to your own code using HTML comment tags.

Stack Overflow will help you learn standard coding tricks and locating code snippets to use. Additionally, it will let you move to the larger programming community.

3. GenerateWP

This is the tool you must trust if you are working with WordPress. So get knowledge on this as soon as possible. It generates code for WordPress site features such as toolbars, sidebars, menus, etc. It uses online forms that provide specifications for the feature user wants to build. These forms will produce code adhering to the latest WordPress coding standards. All you need to do is cut and paste this on your website.

It also allows you to browse code generated by other users. Simply click on the “Snippets” menu on the homepage to search generated code or specify the search by subcategory. The snippets are public and need to be made private by opting for premium service.

4. Code My UI

Wish you could add some zing to the otherwise dull user interface? Do you have some idea that can do wonders? Trust Code My UI. This is a treasure trove of code snippets. It will let you design to the next level. Although it lacks interaction features, Code My UI offers a direct listing of practical code applications.

Users don’t post snippets of Code My UI directly. These are curated by the admins of the site from other code repository websites. The snippets of this site are presented in a user friendly layout. It lists the name and a detailed description of the snippet. Additionally, a link is also offered to its original source with a code in action. This website adds new code snippets on a regular basis. The search bar will let you decide on the topics, functions you’ve been looking for.

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