5 Google Inventions You Should Have


Google Home

Google Home is a very useful product of Google in our daily life. It is a voice-activated speaker which lets you the conversation with Google assistant. Asks questions from Google home and get answers from it. You can get the latest news about weather, sports, finance, local businesses. Google Home performs complicated math calculations. It will give you definitions and spelling of words. Ask Google Home for the live game score, live updates about any game and upcoming schedule of any game. You can search local places using this product. Shopping anything from your favorite store. Google Home has many other features that make our life easy and comfortable.

google home

Art Camera

Art camera is developed by the Google cultural institute to make the invisible visible in high resolution. Art Camera is designed to see the painters hard work their efforts behind the painting. You can see all brush strokes and depth of the painting colors inch by inch. Art camera is best for museum exhibitions to see gigapixel images. Google made this camera to see the finest artwork of painters.



Google designed a specific Jacket for bike lovers which has conductive fibers on the left cuff. You can silence incoming phone calls by swiping on the cuff. Jacquard used google map for the direction of places. The smart tag is wirelessly connected with your phone that allows you to interact with your devices. You can on music player mode while driving your bike. The jacket is washable and can be used further.



Allo is a messaging mobile app developed by Google on May 18, 2016. Allo mobile app is based on autosuggestion system that allows users to reply without typing. If you are tired of too long replies of their friend’s messages, then Allo solve your problem with its automatic reply system that helps you keep your conversation going. Allo allows you to check the status of the flight and you can look up new restaurants. Allo mobile app can help you to make new plans and find any kind of information.



Soli project is a very small radar sensor chip that can translate our hand movements and turn that movements into a new user interface. Now you can feel the virtual reality by using Google Soli project. You can operate your watch, mobile, computer, laptop or any other electronic device without touching it. You can use it to play games on mobile, computer with hand gestures.


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