Career in Data Science for College Students

career in data science

How to shape a career is one of the most difficult questions for a student during his/her college. But have you seriously given a thought to it? The wide variety of career options in today’s time makes it a difficult task to choose a proper path. One must keep in mind that field chosen must be such that it provides a sustainable growth and at the same time removes the concern regarding layoffs due to market fluctuation.

Data Science

One of the most market sustainable career options in today’s time is in the field of Data Science. The theory to support this point is the ever-growing use of data in almost every market sector. But the question of prime importance is what actually Data Science is?

Theoretically, Data science, also known as data-driven science, is an interdisciplinary field about scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, similar to data mining.

Practically in terms of a data scientist, Data Science is analyzing of a huge amount of real-time data using different scientific and statistical tools to extract information. For example, the types of ads being shown on Facebook differs from person to person. The difference in ads is based on the analysis of the user data usage pattern, types of content viewed to name a few.

The scope of data science isn’t just limited to a particular field. Data Science provides a wide range of career opportunity. It is a general misconception that data science is an engineering related field. Students from different background have shown interest in this field and have successfully shaped their career.

Companies dealing with the stock market, actuarial science, biomedical technology, agricultural sector, IT sector or others invest a huge amount of money just to analyze data so that a profitable trend can be maintained. We all have visited e-commerce websites. But have we ever given thought no way any product is being recommended to us or how is the discount margin been set for any product.

Well, they all have a certain logic supported by facts which are in turn derived from tools and methods used in data analysis.

Takeaway: -Data is mystical, but profitable when you know when where and how to play with it.

data science

Data Science From Students Point Of View

College students from a different discipline may have a question in common. Why DATA SCIENCE? Well, let’s briefly discuss it with respect to different discipline. If we take into consideration the economics discipline, one learns about different statistical tools throughout the college.

Implementing those theoretical concepts to generate an output for a real-time problem won’t be tough. Moreover, since a person from economics discipline has better hold on the concepts applied in data science they are highly preferred as fresher.

What about the one from Engineering discipline. Well, engineering does teach at least the basics of coding and statistics. In short, engineering teaches the basics of data science. What’s left is to excel in it and give a boost to the career.

Nowadays engineering students have a hands-on experience with IT-enabled electronic devices which not only rely on data but are bound to be the future of many applications. Therefore Data Science is something on which one can bet without the fear of losing.

Well as stated above Data Science isn’t limited to any particular discipline. Anyone with interest in Data can opt for data science. Companies are eagerly looking for fresh minds, generally college fresher with interest in Data Science course.

Presently there is a shortage of data analysts throughout the country and therefore it’s the hottest skill being looked by HRs. But the main question for most college students is “How can we get a job in Data Science?”

Takeaway: – Pursue your dream, not your stream.

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