How Reading books can change your life?

reading books

Books are the best companion one can ever ask for. They are a gateway into the author’s mind and sometimes into a different universe altogether.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones who read books and ones who do not read books. Different people hold different opinions as to how books affect a person’s growth and lifestyle. The basic purpose of reading a book is to gain knowledge. That knowledge might be professional, personal or spiritual. It is said that books are a magic portal that opens up countless thoughts and possibilities for us in our minds.

Non-readers might think that reading a book is a boring hobby where nothing productive is happening but avid book readers believe that books hold a lot of power in them. They also believe that their thought process is highly influenced by the books they have read. It can take your mind into different directions. Let us review some of the ways in which Books make our lives so much better.

Food for Brain

According to scientific research, the Human body needs exercise. It needs to work out and sweat to be in good health and be productive. For our body limbs, we go to the gym to exercise but what about our brain? The perfect workout for brain books. Reading a book helps our brain in being productive, storing all kinds of content and emotions that are plastered on the pages. It keeps our mind fresh and open. Our thought process improves and we feel a positive change in ourselves.

Feeling of Belonging

Reading books make your loneliness go away. The feeling of being depressed and isolated vanishes when you connect with the content of the book. This connection might be to the author or the whole alternate reality. Reading books allow you to share your struggles and bring you the comfort of belonging somewhere. Famous writer John Green once said, “Great books help you understand and feel understood”.

Gaining Knowledge

No one likes a “know it all”, but no one likes a dumb person either. How do one gain knowledge about the world and its different aspects? Books of course!! If you want to be known as someone who can carry a smooth conversation then you need to have sufficient knowledge about that topic. Books allow us to learn all the new things this world has to offer. It helps us improve our vocabulary too which comes in handy when you want to impress someone.

Sense of Peace

Tired of your reality? Too much stress at your work? In this situation. If someone offers to take you away from your reality for some time, what would you do? Jump aboard obviously!! Books provide a gateway to escape your reality for some time. This improves your mental health, reduces stress and gives a new fresh perspective on things.

Empathy and Humility

Among the things that books teach us, the most important ones are gaining the sense of empathy and humility. Attaching yourself with the feelings of somebody else, feelings the things they experienced can change you as a person. It allows you to invest yourself into something that doesn’t directly involve you and this is how you start caring for things that might benefit other people. Similarly, reading books about the people of the past and their struggles, you get to know how little you actually know about life. Human life is not long enough to experience events that take place over centuries but by reading books about documented histories you understand how your world is not all of it and it makes you humble.

The Perfect Hobby

reading bring pleasure. There are hundreds of kinds of books that you can read just for the joy it brings you. Many romance lovers are addicted to romantic books and adrenaline junkies love a good thriller suspense. The best TV series and movies are based on famous bestsellers. Their adoption satisfies all kinds of people i.e. Readers and Non-Readers. But you will always find the readers say “The books were way better”. This is because during an adoption, due to limitations the filmmakers cannot catch every event or emotion that was originally written in the book and this ends up in tainting the true essence of that book.

Reading a book is an activity that can never affect you negatively. No matter what your purpose of reading is, you will always gain something from it. EBooks have changed the game for book lovers altogether. They can practically carry their whole book library with them everywhere. So what’s your excuse of being a non-reader now?

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  1. It’s a great read and I agree that, as of the moment, I often read because I want to escape the realities of life and gaining new insights is just a secondary positive result 🙂

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