How to Get Free Products and Services Online?

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Auction websites are the best place to look for good deals. If you are looking for deals and prices that would beat all sense, you will definitely find one in some online auction website. Deals on all kinds of products, across various categories, can be availed at bargain prices at these sites, with a variety of choices.

These websites are a great way to increase your collection of fashion wear, electronics, and various accessories without having to break the bank in order to attain them. One drawback about these bidding sites is the authenticity of it. Some of these bidding sites try to trick its customers and dupe them by providing false offers and deals that are not real.

In such a case they charge the customers money without providing them the product. Some websites, on the other hand, are trustworthy and offer real-life auctions and bids for products that the customers and bidders can take home at very cheap prices.

Some of these websites allow bidders a chance to win products that are not readily available in the market or only available to the public through flash sales. For example, the Mi phone that is available only via flash sales was won by many bidders through flash sales that offered them a chance to win Mi phones through offers like “Mi bid to win” and “Mi bid on it to win it”. Some reliable bidding websites that are regarded as one of the top 10 bidding websites in India are Bidderboy, Dreambox, Apkabid, Bidjeeto, Bidguru etc.

These websites along with a few product companies offer free product samples without surveys, free beauty product samples, free sample product home delivery in order to let customers use their products and develop a liking towards them. This is a strategy of marketing by letting customers use products for free and keep them so that they become loyal to the product and brand and opt for the same, the next time they decide to buy a product of a similar category.


The recent free product samples offered in India are samples of Dabur Vatika olive oil for your dream hair wish. It is a free product under a promotional offer and the availability of the freebies is completely under the merchants’ discretion. Other such hot deals offered are a sample of parachute advanced hair oil. To avail, this product details like name, age, mobile number and gender needs to be entered in a survey.

This is a part of a market research being carried out by the company to assess the condition and demand of the product in the market along with its target customer base age, and gender. Another test product that is being offered for free is Dabur meswak toothpaste and the sample of the toothpaste is being provided at your doorstep.

For this, just small details need to be filled and the product will be delivered to your home. Again, basic details like name, age, gender, and what toothpaste product do you use and hope to use In the future needs to be filled if you want the product to be delivered at your doorstep.

A deal that is making all eyes roll is the chance to get a Free Flipkart voucher of rupees 100 on writing a review. This voucher offers reviewers a chance to write a review for any software at a given link. All you have to do is to select any software and suggest reviews and after publishing your review, you shall get the voucher via email.

Again, it is a promotional offer and the availability and granting of free vouchers are entirely the discretion of the merchant. In addition to this Horlicks has brought to the customers the service of free bone health test for women. All one has to do is to fill out a registration form along with a few simple questions and request for a free checkup by entering a valid e-mail id and city. This service is provided absolutely free and there is no coupon code needed to avail this service.

Now once you win a product by outbidding your opponent, you might be wondering as to how much time it will take for the product or service to actually reach to you. The answer to it is that it depends completely on the merchant that offers the product or service. So to find out the exact time it is going to take for your product to reach you is by contacting the store that is selling or providing the product.

The products offered at trusted sites are a 100 percent off and one needs to be a keen observer and needs to play a waiting game to get the best deals. One needs to keep checking the websites for freebies so that one never misses the chance to get their hands on limited edition offers and products.

Author Bio: – Hi, I am Amit Rajawat a creative writer at My passion is to help people by providing them the well-researched information with my opinion. In my free time, i love to hunt deals and coupons that can save well for me.

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