Web Layout Using HTML and CSS


Web Layout Using HTML and CSS Following layout is made with the help of HTML and CSS. The web layout is fully designed like professional websites. I am not a professional web designer but I made this layout for sharing my little knowledge about web development. The source code of the layout is available free […]

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5 Google Inventions You Should Have


5 Google Inventions You Should Have Google Home Google Home is a very useful product of Google in our daily life. It is a voice-activated speaker which lets you the conversation with Google assistant. Asks questions from Google home and get answers from it. You can get the latest news about weather, sports, finance, local […]

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Evolution of Television

evolution of television

Evolution of Television From 3 inches box to LED A 21-year-old Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the world’s first electronic television. If we were to ask where he drew his inspiration from- Philo Taylor Farnsworth lived in a house without electricity. From the age of fourteen, he imagined a system which would capture moving images. Philo […]

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History of Printer from Quill to Cartridge

evolution of printers

History of Printer from Quill to Cartridge Printer has always “Moved ON” They have always moved on! If there is going to be an odd comparison between the Printer’s romantic miss lists- Boy it sure has had survived! Just like Rocky Balboa spells out “Keep moving forward”- Do not assume the printer which ejects incredible […]

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Top 10 Websites to get Copyright free Images

copyright free images

Top 10 Websites To Get Copyright Free Images “A picture is worth a thousand words” Images can play an important role to make your website or blog post more attractive. You can easily convey your messages to readers. Visitors can easily understand what you want to say. Images can generate thousands of visitors to your […]

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