Samsung and Apple Once Again on a Collision Course!

Samsung and Apple

Last year Note 7 created quite a mess for Samsung. And while Samsung was busy cleaning up that mess, Apple sneaked in and took all the limelight.

That seemed to have woken up the beast in Samsung and they are not going to let it go.

Ever since then, Samsung has kept Apple on its toes.

From the edges to bezel-less with Samsung S8 and S8 Plus and now Note 8 with the most amazing features, Apple has no time to catch its breath.

While Apple is busy playing catch up – oh so far away – Samsung S8 with the new all screen iPhone X, Samsung has already dropped its new bomb.

And they surely have not just one, but two pretty amazing launches coming up pretty soon.

And now that has Apple really worried.

The Major Announcement

It all started with the launch of iPhone X. Actually, less than 24 hours before the launch of iPhone X.When the Samsung CEO officially announced that they are surely going to be releasing a folding phone next year.

Now there have been rumours about folding phone, forever. But it was the first time ever that it was not only acknowledged but announced officially.

Did it have an effect on the spotlight for iPhone X, who can really tell?

Then there was the other Surprise

In the midst of many rumours, there was one that particularly interested consumers. It said something about the Bluetooth and radio certification and how it meant that Samsung has been playing quietly for a very long time.

This certification basically means that the phone is about to be released, that means we may get to see it sooner than we thought.Samsung must have been working on it for a long time to have that mystery solved.

And thus it all led up to Apple’s Reaction

And they have not been any subtle about it whatsoever. Word has it that Apple joined hands with LG and barked upon the horse with a mission.

They put together a “task force” to work on the foldable iPhone. Moreover, they also filed a patent publicly with details that matched ones with the Samsung foldable phone.

Regardless of how it is very innocently named “Electronic Devices with Displays”, it has details about a device that has a flexible display which can be folded without hinges that can be seen.

It goes on to say that OLED should be enclosed in a suitable hosing so it remains undamaged when open or folded.

Speaking of OLEDs

Apple was initially getting them from Samsung, but recently something has shifted.

To depend on less on Samsung says a very recent rumour, Apple has partnered up with LG for the OLEDs as well.

What good is that going to bring anyone?

But Apple is Still Stuck Playing Catch-up

The investor’s report says that it would take Apple until 2020 to come up with such technology.

That gives Samsung an advantage of whole two years!

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