Teaching with Successful Technology Integration

Technology Integration

In the present day, we live in a world where technology influences our personal, social, academic and professional lives a great deal. The far and wide development of technology has made everything in our society up to date. The growth of technology has made huge differences in different things including medicine, business, education, etc. The coming of internet, computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc has resulted in changes in our society. The way people live has completely transformed in the modern era thanks to the progression of technology. At present, it is very difficult for people to live even a single without using their internet, computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Education is one of the most important fields where the influence of technological advancements can be seen easily. Teachers are using technology in the classroom in order to make their teaching and students learning easier. In the modern era, technology integration in schools and classroom has become a necessity because students need to develop technology skills in order to get a better job in their future. Technology integration in the classroom helps students to become more active in their learning. Students are generally more interested in technology and therefore, if it is incorporated in teaching, teachers can easily catch the attention of students when they take the class.

Do you have any doubt regarding what is successful technology integration? Technology integration is all about the utilization of technology resources including computers, laptops, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, social media networks, software applications, Internet, etc. Technology resources should be used in daily classroom practices, and in the operation of a school. If technology integration has to be successful and students should get full advantages of it, technology has to be used every day and transparent, accessible for the task at hand, back up the curricular goals, and aid the students to efficiently attain their goals.

With the technology integration, educators can put into practice new educational ways to personalize learning, enhance collaboration, and get students ready for the future. Here are some of the main reasons why teaching with successful technology integration is very important:

Students Become More Engaged

Technology integration in the classroom is picture perfect and thoughtful. It helps students to become more engaged. Technology integration in the classroom is the best way to increase engagement of students in classrooms. Many of the teachers around the world have mentioned that they could witness the increased intensity of student engagement when technology is integrated into the classroom. Modern day’s technology assists teachers to generate and present content and teaching materials or instruction that is attention-grabbing to students. When learning is interesting and attention-grabbing to students, then they will turn out to be engaged and active learners in the classroom.

Take More Control over Learning

Technology integration in the classroom lets students take more control over their learning. With the technology resources in the classroom, students become more responsible for their learning and they become more active in their learning. They are not passive learners when technology is incorporated into their learning. With the technology incorporation, they start to take more control over their own learning. One of the most effective and visible things about effective technology integration is that it transforms classroom dynamics, promotes student-centered learning. Contrary to traditional classroom teaching, technology integrated learning place students at the center and promoted to take over control their own learning by offering flexibility on different aspects.

Feedback and Evaluation

One of the most thrilling features of incorporating technology into your classroom is the better chance for apt and consequential feedback. Teachers can make quick checks on their students through technology resources. With technology, teachers can be familiar with if their students understand sufficiently of a specific topic, subject or concept before they move on to other topics, subject or concept. Technology resources help teachers to make personalized comments and notes on student work. It lets teachers present learning that is pertinent and measurement that is real. It can offer new knowledge.

Extend Learning

Incorporating technology in classroom promotes extended learning. In the academic setting, change is inevitable to extend students learning to a new level. Readiness to accept and apply change is a must for successful technology incorporation. Technology is constantly sprouting and when successfully built-in to the curriculum, technology resources can extend students learning and teachers teaching in potent ways. Technology resources can give access to advanced and primary source material, present new techniques of gathering and recording data present powerful ways to team up with students and teachers, offers chances to state understanding by means of multimedia, etc.

Obtain Information

As far as the students are concerned, they need to obtain a lot of information in order to make their studies more easy and effective. Successful addition of technology is attained when students are capable of choosing technology resources to aid them to acquire information in an opportune manner. They can collect information from different sources through technology and it lets them supply a lot of related materials to make their learning easy. Technology resources will assist the students to examine and create the information, and present it in a best possible manner. The technology should include as a vital component of the classroom as it functions as a great tool to improve students’ learning.

Other Crucial Usage of Technology

  • Students make use of technology on a daily basis in the classroom using a range of resources like computer, laptops, and internet to get done their various assignments and generate projects.
  • Technology integration make it possible visual learning. For many students, simply watching videos or images of study materials during class can improve their learning.
  • Discovery and Exploration is one of the top benefits of incorporating technology tools in the classroom. Technology makes available chances to Internet research and multimedia resources that let students look at unrequited questions.
  • Technology helps teachers and students outside their classroom as well. It lets students and instructors share documents online, check them in real time and explain them in real time.
  • Students can use their technology tools like cell phones to take pictures of the chalkboard, send and share school notes, go through their teachers’ blog and download study materials or lessons.
  • Technology assists teachers to plan lessons and it is very helpful in assisting students of all ages to acquire necessary knowledge.
  • Technology helps teachers to make boring and tough subjects like math and science into fun, interesting, and edifying activities for students.
  • Technology incorporation promotes individual learning and growth
  • Technology inclusion makes peer collaboration easy.
  • Technology merging prepares students for the real world and presents important technology skills to excel in their future career.
  • Technology integration makes more engaged and triumphant teachers.


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