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Are you struggling to find blog ideas that generate a good audience and income as well? Finding a profitable niche is a tricky process because you’re not sure what are you looking for and which niche is suited for you to find yourself in a good standing position.

On the other hand, you have no idea about the interest of the online community, what they want and what they are searching for. You should have enough information about the interest of the peoples before starting a niche site.

When you dive into the sea of blogging you will see there are millions of bloggers which are definitely an expert in their field and have strong knowledge about their concern niche.

In this tough competition, it is very hard to find a niche that generates a good audience and money, especially for new bloggers even if they have extra knowledge and experience in their field. It requires a lot of effort and hard work to succeed.

List of popular blog ideas for beginners

However, there are some niches that can build an audience easily and generate money as well. Even new bloggers can succeed to adopt these niches.

If you want to adopt one of them, then read this post carefully. This post will give you complete detail of some famous niches that can lead you to success.

One thing I want to tell you these are broad niches. I will provide you a list of sub-niches within each one. You may adopt one of them to start a blog.

If you haven’t yet set up your blog start your blog today.

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Health and Fitness

health and fitness blog ideas

Having a health and fitness blog is a wonderful idea to share their knowledge and experiences about health and fitness.

Health and fitness are some of the most popular and most searched topics on the internet. Health blogs generate a very good audience and money as well.

People are very conscious about their health. They want help and tips to improve their health issues. If you have some useful tips for them, then share it through your blog.

As you know obesity is spreading all around the world, everyone is suffering from this disease. So give them useful tips about weight loss.

See how many people are searching for a simple keyword ‘Women’s health clinic’, you can see there are 10,000 to 100,000 monthly searches every month according to the Google Keyword Planner.

women health

Here some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • flat stomach exercises
  • diet Plan
  • diet plan for men
  • diet plan in pregnancy
  • weight loss tips
  • diet plan for weight loss
  • best way to lose weight
  • weight loss for women
  • exercise at home for men
  • exercise at home for weight loss
  • morning exercise tips

Food and Recipies

food and recopies blog ideas

Starting a food blog is a very good idea if you are expert and passionate about food recipes. Every person loves to eat and wants to know different recipes.

There are more than 100,000 people who searching for food recipes on the internet. Pick up one topic, like Baking, Paneer, Snacks, or Mushroom recipes and start your online food business.

The food blog can generate a huge audience for you. You may earn money by selling their home recipes.

See how many people are searching for a keyword ‘cake recipes’, you can see there are 100,000 to 1 million searches every month according to the Google Keyword Planner.


Here Some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • chicken recipes
  • fried of chicken recipe
  • dinner ideas
  • vegan recipes
  • shrimp recipes
  • appetizer recipes
  • crockpot recipes
  • vegetable recipes
  • recipes for kids
  • mushroom recipes
  • soup recipes
  • egg recipes
  • dessert recipe

Fashion and Beauty

fashion and beauty blog ideas

If you are passionate about fashion and have a creative mind then dive into the fashion industry because fashion and beauty are one of the best topics for you to start a blog.

Start a fashion blog and keep updated peoples about the latest trends in the fashion industry. Instagram is a very good place to start a fashion blog. You may share photos and build your brand on Instagram.

See Google Keyword Planner search result for keyword ‘summer dresses for women’, you can see there are 10,000 to 100,000 searches for this keyword.

women fashion

Here some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • Fashion product review
  • body care products
  • beauty tips for men/women
  • tips for glowing skin
  • Latest fashion trends
  • best wallets for men/women
  • clothing stores online
  • shoes for women/men/kids
  • dresses for kids
  • baby girl clothes
  • girls party dresses
  • sandals for women
  • women bra
  • tops for women
  • coats and jackets
  • wedding rings
  • diamond necklace
  • engagement rings for women
  • handbags for women
  • women’s socks
  • perfumes for men/women

Lifestyle/Personal Life

lifestyle blog ideas

Do you want to share your personal life activities and interest in the world? You can share any aspect of your life anything that inspires you every day. Lifestyle is a very good option to share your thoughts and ideas.

You may share your daily routine work, your activities, hobbies you are interested in; no one can define your personal thinkings. You can share it with your family and friends.

See how many people are searching for a keyword ‘Homesteading’, you can see there are 10,000 to 100,000 searches every month according to the Google Keyword Planner.


Here some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • Your daily routine/morning/evening/night
  • your favorite tv shows
  • your favorite movies
  • your favorite recipes
  • your favorite restaurant
  • your favorite celebrity
  • your favorite books
  • your favorite country
  • share your crazy travel journey
  • share your college life
  • share your office life
  • share things inspire you every day
  • share your hobbies
  • share your family story
  • share your favorite blogs you visit every day
  • share your favorite mobile apps
  • share your personal stories
  • share places name you want to visit
  • share your daily exercise routine
  • share your blogging tips
  • share about your friends


travel blog ideas

Travel is one of the most popular niches you never failed to adopt it. A travel blog can build a huge audience for you. If you have some highlights of your recent trip or vacation then, share the whole story to the world.

Write about favorite and non-favorite part of the country you’ve visited. Share your travels photos and videos.

Write about food recommendations. Tell them about hotels which hotels are best for them when they ever visit that place. Share your interesting stories about traveling.

See how many people are searching for a keyword ‘best places to visit’, you can see there are 10,000 to 100,000 searches every month according to the Google Keyword Planner.


Here is some ideas for you.

  • great vacation spots
  • best travel destinations
  • vacation ideas
  • trip planner
  • online travel agency
  • travel service
  • travel deals
  • cheap vacation packages
  • cheap holiday packages
  • cheap flight tickets
  • cheap international flights
  • online ticket booking
  • cheap hotels
  • luxury hotels
  • online hotel booking
  • hotels near me


money making blog ideas

There are millions of people that are searching for the methods of money making online. Definitely, they want to improve their way of living. They want to find the right information about making money online.

If you have ideas of money-making then start a blog and provide tons of information about money-making ideas step by step. Write about how to make money with affiliate programs. Write about how to make money by selling products.

Write about how to make money making blog step by step. Write about how to make money by freelancing. Write about how to make money online by taking surveys. There are thousands of ways of making money online. Pick up one topic and write about it.

See how many people are searching for a keyword ‘how to make money online’, you can see there are 100,000 to 1 million searches every month according to the Google Keyword Planner.


Here some sub-niche ideas for you .

  • how to make quick money
  • how to earn money from home
  • online typing jobs
  • online jobs without investment
  • earn money by clicking ads
  • make money by writing an article
  • make money by selling clothes
  • make money by selling photos
  • make money by selling stuff
  • make money by selling products
  • make money by selling ads
  • make money by selling apps
  • make money by selling art
  • make money by selling services
  • make money by selling on Amazon
  • make money by selling books
  • make money by selling domain names
  • make money by selling drawing
  • make money by selling food
  • make money by selling games
  • make money by selling gold
  • make money by selling a gift card
  • make money by selling ideas
  • make money by selling websites
  • make money by selling wordpress themes
  • make money by selling recipes
  • make money by selling T-Shirts online


services offering blog ideas

People are looking for experts to solve their problems. If you are expert in any field provide your services to the people. If you are a web developer teach people web development by making an online course.

Make websites/blogs for them and their company and earn money. If you are a logo designer make logos for different websites. If you are a good content writer then write for people and their websites.

Make a very attractive profile website and provide information about your professional skills and abilities.

Introduce yourself on social media and freelancing websites. You can make a good income by providing their services to the people.

See search volume for the keyword of ‘Healthcare consulting’, you can see there are 1000 to 10,000 searches for the keyword according to Google Keyword Planner.


Here some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • Translation services
  • Smartphone repair
  • Freelancing
  • web designing services
  • logo designing
  • SEO
  • fitness trainer
  • virtual assistant


politics blog ideas

Politics always remains a hot topic. Elections happen everywhere almost in every country. People spend a lot of time on social media for discussing politics.

People are supporters and anti-supporter of a particular political party. They want to read good about one and bad for another. If you have an interest in politics then these niches are a very good idea to start a blog. Your blog can become a legitimate source of news and information.

Be careful before starting a Political blog. Provide only accurate news and avoid sharing fake news about any political party or govt because your fake news can become a serious problem for you.

See how people are searching for a keyword ‘latest political news’, it has 10,000 to 100,000 monthly search
volume according to the Google Keyword Planner.


Here some sub-niche ideas for you .

  • national political news
  • world news today
  • american political parties
  • election results
  • presidential polls
  • online voter registration
  • government policies
  • forms of government
  • famous politicians
  • top political leaders of the world
  • great women leaders
  • foreign policies of any country
  • Donald trump policies


entertainment blog ideas

If you are interested in fun and gossip, then starting an entertaining blog is a very good idea. Every person is searching for music, movies, and funny videos and wants to know the latest updates about celebrities.

Start a blog and keep updated peoples about the latest news, share celebrities’ interviews, their bios, and photos.
You can start a dancing training blog if you are a good dancer in which you can teach dancing.

Make a music blog and start an online music school to teach music to music lovers. Create a funny video library in your blog because funny videos can viral fast.

See how people searching for a single keyword ‘celebrity news’, you can see there are 100,000 to 1 million searches for that keyword according to Google Keyword Planner.


Here some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • celebrity gossip
  • celebrity photos
  • celebrity oops
  • celebrity biography
  • hollywood celebrities
  • hollywood news
  • Hollywood movies list
  • Hollywood movies in Hindi
  • Hollywood movies online
  • Bollywood movies
  • watch Hindi movies online
  • upcoming Bollywood movies
  • indian songs
  • old Hindi songs
  • tamil songs
  • online songs
  • punjabi songs
  • english songs
  • online radio stations
  • online music
  • online music player
  • funny videos
  • funny jokes
  • jokes for kids
  • online dance classes
  • learn dance online
  • online reality shows
  • tv shows online
  • party organizer


technology blog ideas

Technology blogging is a very good option if you have strong knowledge about the latest development and happenings in this industry. Technology blogging has tough competition because there are thousands of blogs related to this topic.

You should aware of fundamental aspects of tech. more and more people are coming online to know about mobile devices, apps, games, and other latest technologies. You should be the first who release news about the latest development.

You may start a blog about software or apps to keep updates to the audience about the latest software or apps. Technology blogs can generate huge traffic for you and your business.

Here you can see who people searching for a simple term ‘android apps’, you can see there are 100,000 to 1 million search results according to Google Keyword Planner.


Here some sub-niche ideas for you.

  • latest android apps
  • latest softwares
  • free software download
  • android games
  • best antiviruses for pc
  • latest smartphones
  • latest iPhone
  • mobile prices
  • cheap laptops
  • inventions and inventors
  • latest inventions in science

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