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We are living in a technological era. We can’t avoid and ignore technology an integral part of life. It has changed the whole world. It has changed the orthodox mentality of, society and people. It has a greater influence in every field. We can see the magic and the role of technology in every field. It has changed our lifestyle and thinking perception. There is no doubt that technology has been accountable for creating remarkably valuable resources which put all the information we require at our fingertips.

Developments in technology have given us many mind-blowing and incredible discoveries, better living facilities, luxury, and changed our daily lives. We can see and feel its influence in every field such as economic, industrial, business, financial, social, personal, educational industries etc. It raised our standard of living and standard of education. It has invented and brought new and highly developed tools and devices which can be connected to the internet by this means it has changed the way we communicate, we play, we shop, we learn and also the way we behave.

When we take the field of education, it has a high influence on the learning process. It raised the quality of education and learning process. In olden days teaching-learning process was mainly depended on traditional methods that mean only the use of textbooks. The teacher will read textbook students has to hear and write it down. But such traditional method has changed and new technological method has been maintained in the class and in the academic career. It has given a new way or new vision to education. Teachers and learners make use of technology as much as possible. It gave them effective teaching along with quality learning.

It helped students to enhance the writing process. There are different kinds of tools and methods which will make the writing process easier and effective. Our writing skill has been improved when we compare to our past. All credit goes to the technological devices. Old and traditional ways of writings are abandoned and new methods and strategies are adopted. The technological world changed and transformed the writing profession and writing methods. Various technological writing methods are adopted to make our writing skills more effective and clear.

Automated programs will help students to attain perfection in their writing. Automated programs will give a feedback to the students writing. Through which they can correct their mistakes and errors. Because of this, they will repeat their errors in future. In olden days teachers have to observe students writing and teacher has to identify the mistakes of each student which is impossible in these days.

The teacher will not get much time to observe and find mistakes perfectly. In such cases, automated programs will help to guide the students to identify the mistakes and give reasonable feedback without wasting much time. This will help the teacher not to overburden and do other works perfectly. It will help students to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Another is using blogs. Blogs are the new inventions of the technological era.

Blogs will help and encourage students to create writings and to reach out the wider audience. Asking students to write essays on particular topics and to write journals, this will be read by the teacher alone. There is a number of blogs and sites where students write their creative thoughts and learning’s which can be collaborated. It has its own security and safety method which will not be a problem to the students. Students can work together independently to create a blog on, particularly given topics.

It will really enhance the writing skills of students and will encourage them to write more. This helps them to build confidence and trust their skill. Now a day’s schools and colleges use advanced technological tools and devices to enhance the writing ability of students. By using such tools they can write essays on a particular topic and they will find if any grammatical errors. The grammatical tools in the device will help you to correct their errors and mistakes which will help them to raise their standard of writing.

By understanding their spelling and grammatical errors they will never commit it again in future. If every schools and college become advanced and use sophisticated technological devices in teaching learning process then it will result in quality education, quality learning and it will surely increase the standard of writing ability of students.

By writing on particular issues of society they can share their ideas and their viewpoint on such social issues. Students can also write and post their comments and viewpoints on particular topics which will increase their writing ability and also increase their confidence in writing their opinion.

In every sense,, we can say that technology help students and other people in the society to lead an easy and standard lifestyle. By using technological devices and the grammatical tools students can improve their writing ability and also understand their errors in writing which will be corrected in a fraction of seconds. Our education system has adopted all the positive aspects of technology and using it as much as possible.

Students now learn by doing and being ready to live happy and contented life. They are learning according to the standard of the technological era. By using technological devices and techniques they can enhance their writing. Students can make use of all the facilities offered by the technological devices which will make their academic journey smooth and successful.

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