Voice Search and Its Impact on SEO Future

Voice Search

There is a fast growth of voice search for many reasons. Above everything else, it is quick and convenient. So, you do not have to free your hands to type in the text. Instead, you can just say what you want to search online.

So here are the things which would change the voice search making its way into SEO.

More Focus on Mobile User Experience

mobile user experience

Since voice search primarily belongs to the mobile; you must focus on mobile user experience. Therefore, when you intend to target the conversational query, you must ensure outstanding end-to-end user experience on mobile. It does mean not only the UI but also the content optimized for the smaller screen.

For example, if your website’s mobile user experience means an increased scroll, it will not be of any help to the users. There are many mobile friendliness tests available online to see if your website complies.

Increase in the Use of Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords

The use of short keywords will lessen with the rise in voice search. Therefore, you must understand that you have to use the long tail keywords. Consider the people who use their voice to search. They talk to their phones with three or four worded phrases.

Thus, it means you must also use such keywords that mimic the same search behaviour. Make sure you select the right keywords that help you attract the intended web traffic. Also, try finding the keyword phrases which are typically used to find the product or service that you are offering.

Natural Speech Patterns

Natural Speech Patterns

The natural speech patterns are informal or casual ways of searching for something online. Unlike using Google by typing in search queries, the user converses with a search engine. For example, if someone wants to find the weather in London, they may say, “weather London” instead of typing a more extended query.

Similarly, the search engines are getting smarter in recognizing the voices. They are improving the machine learning abilities to ensure that search engines understand the queries.

Change in Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

There is a need to recognize the way Google is making changes to its algorithms. The introduction of the Humming Bird algorithm means the search engine will increasingly rely on its Knowledge Graph. Therefore, intent will become a centre stage to give the users perfect results against their searches. Thus, the search engines aim to deliver the same results against different searches.

Similarly, Google has also introduced RankBrain. It is the use of machine learning or artificial intelligence to process and refine the search results. Thus, the search engines will try to understand the meaning behind each query, increasing the importance of understanding the context.

So How to Optimize for Voice Search?

Here are some valuable tips when you plan to optimize for voice search.

Adopt A Conversational Style

Conversational Style

You need to understand the structural difference that exists between textual and voice search. The two types of searches are different in their structure. The latter category has a conversational style. Start thinking regarding how the user would search for something using this type of query.

It means trying to find the intent of the searcher and accordingly optimizing your website content. Thus, you need to understand the context of the searcher and incorporate that into your content.

The Five Ws and One H

Five Ws and One H

Journalism teaches us the 5 Ws (What, When, Where, Why, Who) and the one H (How). Search engine optimization specialists closely associate the conversational search with the 5Ws and one H. Thus, in many ways, the users also want to get answers to their questions.

Thus, as marketers, we must also focus on developing content that answers the searchers’ queries. It means expanding the keywords to get organic website traffic. Target the long tail keywords to increase your chances of showing up in conversational searches.

Focus on Local Search

local search

People want to find products and services nearby. They want to search for items that are near them. Therefore, it is essential that you also start focusing on the local SEO optimization tactics. It is particularly important to note that you can use the name of the location in which you want to sell your product or service.

Even if you are providing services on a global scale, you would have to compete with businesses that offer their products or services in different localities. Thus, your global SEO strategy needs to have a local component in it to compete against the smaller businesses.


The use of voice to search online is still in its infancy. However, it will evolve with the evolution of machine learning. Many of the leading IT companies online are already using it to their advantage. Besides Google, other businesses that rely on voice search include Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple.

The introduction of virtual assistants will further increase the use of voice search. Besides the company’s behind the idea, consumer searching trends also show the use of voice to find information online.

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