What Are The Uses Of Technology In Education?

technology in education

Technology is something which we can see in every field. As we are living in a technological era use of technology has increased as in every field. It’s not easy to avoid technology. There are different kinds of technological a device which make our life stress free and helps to achieve our goal and destination in life.

In the economic field, in the business field in the scientifical field and also mainly in the educational field we can see the influence of technology and also its positive effects on different fields. When we take the educational field we can see the deep influence of technology on educational institutions and in classrooms. Students and teachers are mainly benefitted by the technological developments.

We know that technology is used all over the world. More than 90% of people use technological devices in their daily life in that more than 60% of people use it for learning and teaching proposes. In the world, more than 85% of educational institutions and classroom use technological devices which helped to enhance the teaching and learning quality of teachers and students.

Now the classrooms are called smart classrooms because of the use of technological devices in the classroom for presenting learning aids. In olden days teachers followed material methods but now teachers follow the technological method which makes students more active in the classroom and helps to bring concentration and interest in particular subjects.

Gives real-life experience

It is the most important merit of technology that it helps to give real-life experience to the students. Some subjects need real-life experience as an example. And then the teacher may not be able to bring such facility but after the invention and use of technology in educational field teacher can easily create a real-life experience to the students which helps them to concentrate on studies.

When a teacher presents real issues related to our society students comes to know about such issues and they will be able to understand that the subject matter is not reeled one but its real issues which exist in our society.

Guidelines for teachers

It’s not only useful to students but also its use full to teachers. When the subject is a very difficult one, to explain without some sort of examples or by getting real experience. In such cases, the teacher can take the help from technology.

By searching on a particular topic it will help the teacher to adopt new techniques of teaching and will help the teacher to teach the particular matter easily and without much stress. It will help the teacher with new techniques and skills to present new ideas. Technology will help to solve all the problems of teacher in learning sessions.

Makes class more interesting

It’s common that students will learn easily and without confusion only when they enjoy that particular class. When the teacher uses technological devices and shows certain films videos images related to a particular topic naturally it will make the class more interesting and students will enjoy such classes. In olden days teacher used lecture method they will read the paragraph then students must read it then any doubts teacher will clarify it.

But now such educational system has changed. Now the teacher must give importance to student’s interest and the teacher must give a space for discussion in the classroom on that particular topic. In such a way, students will show more interest and they will share their ideas and opinion which is very important to individual developments.

Training sessions for teachers

It’s common that when new teaching methods are developed teachers will not get such training at first itself. Some may not be able to operate technological devices and present it. In such cases, teachers need training and coaching in such technique skills. But they don’t need to waste their time by traveling to coaching center they will be getting the class online itself.

It will help teachers not to waste their time traveling. They will get all the necessary coaching and information’s online and they can use videos and another necessary learning process online. The teacher can plan their curriculum according to the training they got so it makes teachers work easy and surely help to plan and enhance the teaching quality.

Motivate their creative skills

It’s another basic use of technology. The teacher can create blogs and website of their own and ask students to post there any writings or any other creative products in that blog and web page. They can share their opinion on particular social issues. Online they can have a debate on that issue.

It will help to boost confidence among students. When they get good and positive feedback from the teacher for their creative writings it will encourage him to write more and it will automatically increase the learning skill of students. They will be active in every discussion of social matters.

These are the certain positive effect of technology on education. But we must see the negative effects and should take necessary precautions for it. But when we see the positive effects of technology on education we can surely say that technology has really helped to enhance the educational quality and helped to increase the efficiency of teachers and students.

When at the beginning itself we are using technology it will help the students to be expert in basic techniques of technology and nature, they are preparing them self to face the future challenges and competitions. It’s very important to be perfect in technical skills because our future professional life is fully based on technology so when students use technology in their beginning of academic they are preparing themselves to get the good future job opportunity.

The use of technology in the right direction will help them to achieve their dreams and live a successful life in the future.


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