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Have you started a blog and on the way of blogging journey.

There are many questions coming in your mind regarding what are the important steps or actions should I take to make my blog the best one.

After creating a blog the first step is how to structure a blog, customization process, selection of good themes, and choosing the best log so that your blog looks like a professional blog.

if you’re new in this field then it is challenging for you to understand the basics of blog designing and customization.

Features of a good blog

In this post, we will discuss the features of the best blog. The purpose of writing this post is to give basic ideas of customizing and shaping the important parts of a blog.

Before starting the blog and publishing any post try to focus on these sections of the blog. These parts of the blog are very important. If you are working on them properly, your blog will be the best blog ever.

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Domain Name

The utmost and very important part of a good blog is the domain name of your blog. your domain name will represent you and your brand all over the internet. A good and branded domain name can play an important role to rock your online business.

So keep in mind some trick before selecting a domain name

  • Your domain looks like a brand
  • Easy to pronounce
  • SEO friendly keywords
  • Never use hyphen and numbers
  • Avoid too long domain name

Blog Title / Discription

The second part of a good blog is giving a suitable title and writing a short description of the blog.

For example, my blog title is ‘Let’s Start Blogging’ and you can see a short description of my blog by hovering at the browser tab.

For writing a title and description simply click at settings left side of the WordPress admin page. at general settings page fill first tow options

  • Site Title
  • Tagline

Blog Theme

A blog theme is a collection of templates and frameworks consists of HTML, CSS, and javascript, etc files. A good blog theme is responsible for the functionality and design of your website. A well-designed theme reflects your business and your brand.

There are thousands of WordPress themes for your website. Choose the right theme for your blog because you’ll only need a single theme for your blog ever.

Tips to choose a right theme

  • Make a list of features you want
  • Always select a popular theme
  • Check rating and Reviews
  • Select a responsive/mobile friendly theme
  • Check demo version
  • Always read theme documentation

List of popular themes





Hoot Business

Elegant Themes

Buzz Lifestyle Blog

Lets Blog



Responsive/Mobile Friendly

Responsive web design is a practice to make your website flexible so that your website looks good on every device like tablets and mobile phones.

responsive web design

We are in the new age of the internet people all around the world using mobile devices to optimize their lives. If you want more customers coming to your blog, then make your website responsive and mobile-friendly.

Responsive web design, make sure all of your web content displayed equally in every device and. Thus, every user coming through any device can easily test your content and will feel a better user experience.

Logo Selection

A website logo is a symbol consist of images and texts. The website logo is the face of any business or brand. A log helps the customers to identify businesses and a brand of the company. We can say the most important purpose of a log is to give your blog a unique identification.

A branded and eye-catching logo can increase the engagement of the customers and the reputation of the company.

Before selecting a logo for your blog or company do deep research on the logo industry. Which types of logos are famous and how can you choose one of them. Here are some types of logos.

Types of Logos

  • Symbols
  • Combination
  • WordMarks
  • Letter Marks
  • Emblems

Tips and Tricks For Logo

Here I will give you some tips for choosing a good logo for your company.

Be original

Before selecting a logo to keep in mind your logo must be original and unique. Never copy or modify any other company or brand otherwise you will face many problems like copyright issues. come out with new ideas show something new to your customers.

Simple and Clean

A website logo should be simple and smart in looking. The text should be readable and must have one color. Don’t use complicated words and too many colors to make a logo fancy.


A logo needs to be appropriate in feelings. It should be expressive and showing a connection to a specific brand or company.


A good logo should be memorable and impactful, so that it captures viewers’ attention and leave a positive impression on their minds.

Navigation bar

A navigation bar is a very important part of web pages that consist of important links. The navigation bar commonly displayed horizontally.

In most websites, it displayed at the top of the header or below the header. It allows users to quickly navigate the different parts or links of the websites.

Most commonly navigation bar displayed at the below of the header, and I will recommend you do so.

Tips for Navigation Bar

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep in mind responsive navbar
  • Limit the menu items
  • Keep sidebar separate
  • Use clear wording
  • Only put important links


A sidebar is a vertical column usually located either left or right side of the websites. Sidebar placement depends on the theme you’re using. Many themes have options to choose right-sided, left-sided, and both left and right sidebars.

A good blog usually has a sidebar on the right side of the blog theme. The sidebar is an important section of any website. This section usually used with widgets. You can add anything you want in this area.

Benefits of sidebar

  • You can put a search box for searching
  • You can display Social media buttons
  • You can display latest/random posts widgets
  • You can put your personal portfolio widgets
  • You can promote anything in the sidebar section


The footer is the bottom section of the website. It usually consists of copyright texts and other important links like about me, privacy policy pages, etc. You can add anything in this section with the help of widgets.

Tips for Footer

  • Keep it simple
  • Make a responsive and mobile friendly footer
  • Display about us information
  • Must have a privacy policy and TOS Links
  • Must display copyright text
  • Display sitemap


On a website, categories are used for sorting and grouping the posts into different sections. Categories are usually displayed in the navigation bar

Important links

A good blog always has some important links. These links play an important role to enhance the reputation of a blog. These links will help you to easily approve your Adsense account from Google.

Here are the links that are most important and every blog should have them.

Privacy Policy

Contact Us

About Me

Affiliate Disclosure

Color Scheme

As we know the first impression is the best one for anything. When a user visits your blog the first thing he will notice is the colors of the blog. Before starting a blog you should consider which color is best for your blog.

Tips for selection colors

  • Make it simple
  • Understand the impact of color
  • Select Primary color
  • Select secondary color

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