what is sticky content

There are millions of websites with billions of pages out there. So, why would a reader remain on a site for a long time? It does not have to be a science. But, many still consider it a challenge to prolong visitors’ stay and engage them.

What is Sticky Content?

Sticky content is the one that persuades a user to come again to a website. The content can hold the readers’ attention for longer and offers something meaningful.

How Sticky Content Adds Value?

Whatever niche you decide to blog on, you are bound to see a lot of competition. It becomes overwhelming to stay afloat with that many sites competing for the same audience.

So, sticky content helps you become different and lets the users remember you.

Here are some ways to consider making your content stick onto the minds of your readers’ and increase your site’s reach.

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We do not remember the instructions well. Our brain wiring is such that it likes exciting things. For example, we associate many of the morals in life learned from stores.

But when it comes to learning and remembering hard facts, we tend to struggle. The reason why we are not able to stick those points in our minds is that our memory does not associate well with hard facts.

They do not offer anything fun or exciting to remember. Therefore, look for stories and write things in a way that people would become interested in them.

Playing with Emotions

Search the most interesting advertisements going viral online. You will mostly find the ones that tell us a story but are also emotional.

Try to picture the type of content which would make your audience emotional. Emotions are the reason why many advertisers use babies, kittens, and puppies in their advertisements.

You need to make the content more emotional so that people relate to it and remember what they just read. There are all kinds of emotions available to you in your writing.

However, you have to be careful to use those feelings that go well with the audiences you intend to target. There are different types of emotions available like fear, happiness, controversy, or shock.

Add New Twist to A Trending Story

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to come up with something entirely new. Many companies take advantage of these new trends by adding a spin to them. It may be entertainment news or a fashion trend.

Or perhaps for internet marketers, a new upgrade from Google. Thus, you can try and come up with a write-up that no one else touched. Therefore, it is one way of attracting audiences’ attention.

Sometimes, you can try to write something about an event or a particular day. For example, food blogs would come up with blog posts on Thanksgiving on this day. It depends on your creativity how you take advantage of the ongoing news trends.

We can see brands taking advantage of a current event all the time. Super Bowl commercials have historically been famous for coming up with those sticky advertisements that we remember for a long time. They tend to play with our emotions while keeping the Super Bowl commercial theme into context.

Web User Journey

No matter how good your content is unless the users enjoy their stay, they would never return. It is like going to a restaurant famous for delicious menus. You did not enjoy your time there because of any reason.

It may be because of the customer service was crappy. You found the staff to be unfriendly or rude. Or, they did not follow the cleanliness standards. Whatever that one bad thing that might stick in your mind whenever you think of going to that restaurant again.

Now, consider the kind of experience your website users will have once they visit your site. If they are not able to find what they were looking for due to poor navigation, they will not return.

Or, if you wrote about something that also required a video or an image, but the readers could not find it, you failed to enrich the user experience. There can be many reasons to put off the visitors coming onto your site.

The overall user experience on your site matters a lot when it comes to taking care of your online user journey. Therefore, always keep their preferences in your mind before you expect them to return to your site.

Add Statistics

The science of persuasion says that you need to remain relevant when it comes to adding statistics. For example, if you are writing about lung cancer and relating it to smoking, you cannot just write that there exists a connection between the two.

If you write the percentage of people who smoke and also get lung cancer, people will remember the stat. They would think twice before smoking and keep those numbers in mind.

On the other hand, if you do not include any stat but only tell that smoking can cause lung cancer, readers would read it but do not remember it. What’s the point of saying them something that they already know?

They know smoking is a bad thing for their health and they should refrain from it. However, if they come to see the number of people getting impacted because of it, they would consider its dangers to their health.

So, the next time you think of engaging your site’s visitors, consider these tips. They will help you better engage and grow your site’s audiences.

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