What to expect from Cloud Computation in 2019

cloud computing

cloud computing

Ever since the then Google CEO Eric Schmidt coined the term ‘Cloud Computing’ in 2006, the field of data management has seen great advancements. Cloud computing (CC) not only changed the way how businesses handled huge amounts of data; it also remodeled how people consumed online services; two such fine examples being Gmail and Google Drive, where you can access your data from any computer with internet access.

Despite some experts disapproving of Cloud Computing, terming it as a “rebranded version of thin client’ computing, which is basically a device that uses a server to perform functions; there is no denying the fact that Cloud Computing is growing at an exponential rate. Evidently, the market cap of public cloud services in 2017 grew from $209.2 billion to $246.8 billion and expected to reach $383 billion by 2020.

So what do these figures say?

It is that the Cloud Computing is certainly being adopted more and more, and hence, seeing new and better developments. And despite seeing some of the biggest cyber-attacks, 2017 has paved the way for new improvements in the field of Cloud Computing in the upcoming year.

Faster and Efficient Cloud Computing

Because Cloud Computing relies heavily on speed for data exchange, bandwidth upgrade is a must for better results. In Nov 2014, Megafon and Huawei announced that 5G network will be available for use by the end of 2017.

Apart from this, Edge computing as well is just around the corner. Edge computing is a mesh network system that stores and processes data locally at the device of origin. Hence, the major application of Edge computing is on the Internet of Things (IoT) devices which need an efficient data processing system that is fast. Edge computing fulfills this requirement of IoT devices by processing the data within the IoT devices so that the data doesn’t have to be sent far to a central data server.

We know that AI and Machine learning are two of the most promising fronts in the field of digital technology, and it wouldn’t be a wonder witnessing cloud computing reach

Decentralized Computing

Since the advent of Blockchain in 2008 with the introduction of Bitcoin, innovators have constantly been trying to harvest the full potential of Blockchain technology. One of the biggest features of blockchain technology is that it allows one to create and manage most of their solution’s infrastructure through shared or decentralized resources. And for cloud computing, this is a huge advantage.

Currently, we have blockchain-based data processing solutions like iExec, Rock chain and more, which focus extensively on processing data using the cloud technology. iExec harnesses power from providers who can afford to spare unused computational power and builds a virtual cloud for computing high volumes of data for decentralized apps.

Similarly, Rock chain also provides high-performance cloud computing along with access rights management.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security has been a concerning issue in the year 2017 with some of the worst cyber breaches that shook the world. Attacks like US Voters’ information breach, WannaCry ransomware, CrySis and more, showed us that we need impenetrable security in the field of Cloud Computing. Thus, in the year 2018, developers are most likely going to focus on cloud security.

Sustainable Computing

According to a report created by Global E-sustainability Initiative, published by Microsoft, mass adoption of Cloud Computing would bring down the Green House Gas emissions by 4.5 Megatons and decrease IT sector carbon footprints by 2%.

The report makes it quite apparent that there is a dire need for us to ditch and switch from local servers to cloud computing. In the wake of this, we may see a large number of businesses migrating from local to cloud servers.

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